“Your husband is not your partner, he is your head” – Daddy Freeze

"Your husband is not your partner, he is your head" – Daddy Freeze

Media personality, Daddy Freeze known for his controversial takes educates the public on the definition of husband.

To him, while relating on a live video, a husband is not a partner as commonly believed but a head. That is the head of the wife and home. In his words,

“Your husband is not your partner, he is your head…. be careful who you submit your headship to”

Read the comments of netizens to his video below,

@abuja_special_needs_therapy: This man is mostly sounding lust and confvsed. I actually do not expect much from someone who doesn’t have a religion

@nneka_ruth: If only the head will act like the head? Because some men be behaving like head of fish😂😂😂 (head sharing bills 50/50)😂😂

@marriageteachablemoments: Once the head is not heading, the legs will take over. A lot of heads have left their positions. I don’t think women are disputing the fact that the husband is the head of the home, afterall, it was he that decided to start his family. The problem is when the head lacks vision, foresight, integrity, respect and love for his own family.

@iya_samu_son: But he’s not wrong 😑. Be careful who you submit your head to😂

@adelineak: He is the head but after them go talk say Bill na 50/50. Shaking my head make una choose one side

@d6th1: Marriage is partnership build together and have a happy family


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