“You should be ashamǝd of yourself” – Former besties Anita Joseph and Uche Ogbodo seemingly throw shade at each other

Anita Joseph and Uche Ogbodo seemingly throw

Nollywood actresses Anita Joseph-Olagunju and Uche Ogbodo have seemingly thrown jabs at each other on the photo and video-sharing platform, Instagram.

The thespians used to be close friends, but they fell out for reasons best known to them and haven’t associated with each other publicly since then.

Anita Joseph and Uche Ogbodo seemingly throwAnita Joseph and Uche Ogbodo seemingly throw

However, it appears the duo were throwing shades at each other on Wednesday, May 8, even though they didn’t mention names.

It all started when Anita shared an edited photo of herself with the caption, “How can I call someone out in a way that will please God?” with multiple laughing emojis.

See below,

Moments later, Uche shared side-by-side photos of the Star Wars character Baby Yoda. One showed Baby Yoda with a rough face, while the other showed an edited version with a smoother appearance.

The photo had the write-up, “Stop doing this sh#t to your pictures”

She then captioned it,

“Pls Stop ✋ You know yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself. Get some SelfLove , you lack that . #period”

See below,

Though she didn’t directly mention Anita’s name, some of her followers deciphered that she was referring to Anita Joseph.

Amid the drama, Anita went on her page to share why she intentionally avoids any form of drama.

She posted: “Avoiding drama doesn’t mean I’m scared of you… I have anger issues and I’m trying to avoid jail.”

She added in the caption: “I saw this post and I know is (sic) for someone.”

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