Wema Bank Customers To Win N10m In Promo

Wema Bank Customers To Win N10m In Promo

Wema Bank is set to wrap up the season 3 edition of its remarkable reward initiative, the 5 for 5 Promo, in which its customers are expected to win N10 million.

According to the bank, the promo, whose grand finale is slated for Friday, May 31, 2024, in Lagos, is an initiative introduced by the bank since 2019 with the goal of rewarding its customers for their active loyalty to the brand and its products.

Through the 5 for 5 Promo, he stressed that customers of the bank have enjoyed financial support for their personal, business and professional life. Executed via thoroughly regulated monthly draws per season, the Wema Bank 5 for 5 Promo, through a raffle draw, selects winners from the bank’s pool of active and transacting customers, based on the minimum requirements and modalities of the season.

A total of 1,177 customers have received cash rewards of up to N63.3 million in the first 2 seasons of the promo; 23 of whom emerged millionaires in season 1 and 2. The 5 for 5 Promo has since become a beacon of hope to millions of Nigerians and businesses across the country.

Season 3 of the 5 for 5 Promo kickstarted in July 2023, raising the bar impressively with a N90milliom cash prize that surpassed both preceding seasons, creating room for more Nigerians to become winners.

 With each month in the 10-month spread, the 5 for 5 Promo Season 3 train has toured different locations across Nigeria, surprising customers with cash prizes ranging from N25,000 to N1,000,000 each.

Referencing the bank’s intention for the 5 for 5 promo, the head, Brands & Marketing Communications at Wema Bank, Mabel Adeteye, expressed gratitude to customers for their continued support throughout Wema Bank’s 79-year journey.

“At Wema Bank, our world revolves around our people and customers. Their support is what has got us this far so it’s only natural that we seize every opportunity to give back to them and fulfil our goal of providing optimum value for every stakeholder. The 5 for 5 Promo was borne from a place of gratitude and commitment to empowering our customers and with each season, we have simplified the requirements and amplified the rewards to ensure that everyone can benefit from the Promo.

“Season 3 has been nothing short of remarkable and as we close out our 79th anniversary celebration with one more 5 for 5 Promo Season 3 draw, we are honoured to be the bank of choice for our diverse customer base. To the 1,000+ customers that have won over the past 9 months and the 120 that will win in the grand finale, I say a huge congratulations. Thank you for choosing Wema Bank,” she pointed out.

Encouraging Nigerians to take advantage of the last draw of the 5 for 5 Promo Season 3, Mabel Adeteye, elucidated the minimum requirements for qualification.

“The requirements are simple, fund your account with at least N5,000 and make up to 5 transactions using the ALAT App, *945# or your ALAT/Wema Card, maintaining a N5,000 minimum average account balance. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you do or when you start banking with us, you can be a winner.

NYSC members have won, business owners, undergraduate students, working class professionals, everyone from Gen Z to the baby boomers—there’s room for all in the Wema Bank family and the 5 for 5 Promo. A simple download of the ALAT App could be the first step for potential winners. I look forward to May 31st, as we put the final bow on this exceptional journey that has made the 5 for 5 Promo Season 3 a success,” she pointed out.

The bank noted that the 5 for 5 Promo has transformed the lives and experiences of thousands of Nigerians across the world, with cash prizes for transactions on both Naira and Domiciliary accounts. with N80 million already disbursed in the first 9 draws of Season 3, even as the grand finale is set to reward 120 more Nigerians with a N10,000,000 cash prize.

To qualify to win in the grand finale of the Wema Bank 5 for 5 Promo Season 3, Wema Bank account holders are to fund their Wema/ALAT accounts and make up to 5 transactions before the month ends.


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