We Are Battling Huge Debts Left Behind By Wike Administration — Fubara

We Are Battling Huge Debts Left Behind By Wike Administration — Fubara

Rivers State governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, has revealed that a huge debt burden was left behind for his administration to settle with several contractors who handled different projects initiated by the immediate-past administration in the State.

Fubara made the revelation on Tuesday at Ebubu community, venue of the inauguration of the reconstructed 10.89 kilometre Aleto-Ogale-Ebubu-Eteo Road in Eleme local government area of the state.

The governor emphasised how baffling the debt owed the contractors, given the impression created in the public domain of a clean balance sheet maintained with contractors.

He said: “This is to let the world know that if there is one problem this administration has, it is the huge debt burden. Most of the projects that are being commissioned, the contractors are coming for their balance payment and it is running into billions.

“I have said that I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to talk because I was part of that system. But, when you keep pushing me to talk, I will say it so that the people will know the true situation of things and be properly informed.”

Fubara expressed delight over the commencement of the celebration of his one year in office anniversary with the inauguration of a road project in Eleme where he lived when he started off with his working life.

The governor stated that the road was awarded on August 14, 2023, to China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) at the cost of N6.7billion.

He said that the completed project now serves as a proof that his administration was still focused on delivering development to the people despite the many troubles thrown at it.

Fubara said: “I am happy to be here and to join the good people of Rivers State to start this wonderful celebration of our first anniversary in the face of all the troubles. It shows that we are still focused, not minding the level of distractions.

“This road was awarded to CCECC as the contractor. It was awarded on the 14th of August, 2023. I believe that 14th of August was within my tenure. I am not saying ‘I’, but it was this administration that awarded it.

“This project was awarded at the cost of N6.7billion, and I can say boldly that no kobo is remaining. We’ve paid the contractor its complete sum. Our gathering here is to tell our people that their problem is our problem.”

Emphasising the significance of the road, the governor said it is a bypass to be used by motorists to avoid the deplorable sections of the East-West Road now under reconstruction, and by extension, a support to the federal government’s efforts to give hope to Nigerians and make life better for the people of the Niger Delta.

He added: “What we are doing today, is it not help to the Federal Government? Is it not a show that this government has the interest of the people at heart and it is supporting and doing everything to make the Federal Government succeed.

“So, when people come out and say some funny things, I laugh. Why are we doing this? When this administration came on board, Mr President christened his mantra ‘Renewed Hope’, to give Nigerians hope.

“What we are doing today in this State is giving our people that hope to complement what Mr President is doing at the national level.

“It is not about social media. We are talking about action. Genuine actions that make a positive impact in the lives of our people,” he said.

Performing the inauguration of the project, the Abia State governor, Dr Alex Otti, congratulated Fubara for what he has done in remembering to execute a road project in Eleme community where he had once lived.

Otti said, “I have always said it that leadership is about service. Anytime leadership departs from service, then, you are getting it wrong. Service should be service to the people, not service to self or very few interests. Anytime you are serving few people rather than the majority, you need to go and look at yourself again.

“So, for me, it’s all about good governance. Clearly, Governor Fubara came prepared, and I don’t believe that any distraction is enough to take his focus away from improving the welfare and interest of the people.

“So, I can assure you, Rivers people, that the dividends of democracy that you are seeing now is still a dress rehearsal. It is early in the morning, and I am sure that in no distance future, you will be seeing more.”

Governor Otti charged Eleme and the good people of Rivers State to continue to support the governor of the State to do even more to make life easy for the majority.

He declared that no matter how the dice is flipped: “Power belongs to God, no human can arrogate to himself the capacity to give power, except you have the capacity to give life. Of course, you can take life, but you cannot give it.”

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