Video Of Area Boys Violently Ass@ult!ng Police Officers Stirs Reactions Online (WATCH)

Video Of Area Boys Violently Ass@ult!ng Police Officers Stirs Reactions Online (WATCH)

In a recent incident, a video has emerged that captures a group of area boys brutally attacking and harassing police officers in their own neighborhood.

The video, which has since gone viral on various social media platforms, shows a troubling scene where a mob of young men can be seen assaulting law enforcement personnel.

The video shows the boys throwing stones and physically attacking the officers, who are forced to retreat and flee the scene in their vehicle.

As the police car attempts to make its escape, the area boys continue their assault, shattering the vehicle’s windows, as they throw stones at the vehicle.

The incident has sparked outrage among netizens and has stirred strong reactions, many have expressed their views at the blatant disregard for authority displayed by the perpetrators.

The video has raised concerns about societal issues that may have led to such a violent situation, with some suggesting that this shows the need for improved community and police relations.

As the video continues to circulate it has undoubtedly sparked conversations online, captivating the attention of netizens online.

See some reactions from viewers:

@mhiz_genna : “This is very wrong and unacceptable”

@gbemiga : “hope they are ready for when they come back for them 😂

@Paullentino : “All the youths should just leave that area because next 8 months won’t be funny. 

@femington_ : “😂😂😂😂dem don do pass this…… Nevertheless I ain’t supporting this”


Watch the video below:

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