Tips To Wearing Traditional Fashion With A Modern Twist

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Lately, the trend on Pinterest is the creation of traditional outfits with a modern twist practiced across the globe by both Asian, Arabic and African women. This look always often give the wearer a certain exotic yet chic and elegant look.

From observing these trends online, here are some of the tips to giving a traditional outfit a contemporary feel:

Swap A Piece of the Traditional Outfit Ensemble with A Basic Modern Piece

The idea behind this is to swap a piece of traditional outfits with more than a single layer with a classic or basic modern piece, like a silk or satin shirt, or swap a heavy veil with a lighter one. This elevates the look to something more elegant and rooted in present.

Make The Traditional Outfit With A Material of Different Texture

Making traditional outfits with fabrics of different colours and texture not of its original making is now a rage. For instance, tailored jumpsuits made from floral or brocade, or a kimono made of linen or a combination plain white silk and satin fabrics, make for a more exciting look.

Make A Bolder Statement with Accessories:

Accessories such as handbags, shoes, costume jewelry can help accentuate a traditional, taking it from a party to wear to a work. Try open toe heels and a clutch bag for a celebration or festive look, and swap the open toe heels, with a stilleto, ballet flats and single chunky necklace and a belt over a traditional outfit for an office look.

Design New Outfits with Subtle Hints of the Traditional:

These we see outfits that remind us of a traditional look but not quite like it. These include modern interpretations of the kimono, hanbok, the buba, babariga among others. The visual outcome is a nostalgic feel yet original look on the wearer.


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