Tinubu’s First Year Marked By Economic Revival, Social Programmes

Tinubu's First Year Marked By Economic Revival, Social Programmes

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, George Akume said the President Bola Tinubu-led administration has made significant strides in reviving Nigeria’s economy and implementing social programmes to uplift citizens during its first year in office.

Delivering the administration’s one-year progress report at a ministerial sectoral updates session on Wednesday, Akume highlighted President Tinubu’s efforts to unleash Nigeria’s economic potential through major reforms.

“This administration has implemented significant economic reforms aimed at stabilising our economy and fostering sustainable growth,” Akume stated.

He pointed to policies that have attracted foreign investment, reduced inflation, and spurred job creation across various sectors.

According to him, a major economic move was the dismantling of monopolistic control over electricity through the 2023 Electricity Bill, allowing states, corporations and individuals to generate, distribute and transmit power.

On the fiscal front, Akume said the removal of the contentious fuel subsidy was hailed as a “challenging but necessary” step to curb corruption, inefficiency and reduce the annual fiscal burden on the government.

He said infrastructure development has been another key focus area, with the completion of extensive road networks, improved rail systems and modernisation of ports to facilitate trade and connectivity.

Alongside economic measures, Akume emphasised the administration’s people-focused policies through an array of social intervention programmes targeting poverty alleviation and empowerment of vulnerable groups.

“These initiatives have provided financial assistance, skills acquisition opportunities and improved access to essential services,” he explained.

He said investments have also been channeled into healthcare through new facilities and educational reforms to boost human capital development.

However, Akume admitted the first year had its challenges from various angles but he commended President Tinubu for his “calm, unwavering commitment and resilience” in serving Nigerians with diligence.

Moving forward, Akume said the administration remains focused on implementing its “Renewed Hope Agenda” centered on economic revitalisation, social inclusion and infrastructural progress for the betterment of all Nigerians.

He further called for collective efforts towards unity, peace and realising Nigeria’s full potential through the government’s vision and policies.

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