TikTok Bans Nigerian After 24-hour Coffin Stunt

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TikTok, short video platform, has permanently banned the account of a Nigerian man , Young C, who embarked on a 24-hour challenge of being buried alive.

LEADERSHIP Sunday reports that Young C’s profile was no longer available on the platform.
His stunt which was widely condemned bears resemblance to a similar challenge which was undertaken by American YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson), who spent 50 hours buried alive two years ago to raise awareness about deforestation.

His accaused a stir online on Wednesday following his challenge to be buried alive in a coffin for 24 hours.

However, updating his fans on his Instagram account on Thursday , Young said, “Guys, I am still alive, I am still fine, I am okay. A lot of you might think something has happened, but nothing has happened, I am fine.

Breathing heavily he said, “My problem is just that I have run out of water, I might be forced to drink this (my urine). Guys, I am fine.”

Young C had embarked on this daring challenge on Wednesday, announcing his intention.
He shared a video on his Instagram account, emphasising that the stunt was genuine and not a hoax. He also announced his plan to broadcast live footage from the coffin at night.

Young C in an earlier video stated that he had been buried for over 8 hours and was experiencing physical discomfort, including excessive sweating.

He shared a video from the coffin, showing his camera and light still functioning, and expressed his determination to complete the challenge.

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