‘Those Who Deposed Me Not Worth Discussing,’ Emir Sanusi II Speaks On Reinstatement

Kano Assembly Moves To Amend Law Used In Dethroning Emir Sanusi II

Reinstated Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has dismissed discussion around those responsible for his deposition in 2020, saying they were not worth discussing.

Sanusi II was deposed in 2020 by the then Kano State governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, over certain allegations.

Four years after, incumbent Governor Abba Yusuf on Thursday reinstated Sanusi II following the repeal of the Kano State Emirates Law 2019 and enactment of Kano Emirate Law 2024, saying his administration’s decision was to restore the glory of the Kano Emirate pre-2019 before it was balkanised into five Emirates.

Shortly after being presented with his appointment letter at the Government House in Kano on Friday, Emir Sanusi II said: “Those who did that are not worthy of me talking about what they did.”

Expressing gratitude to Governor Yusuf and the State House of Assembly for their bold decision to reinstate him, Emir Sanusi II praised their courage, saying, “My governor and our Assembly members, you will not understand the gravity of what you did for the history of Kano and the country at large. God has preordained time and cause for everything and everyone. He gave leadership to whom he wants and at the time he wants. When He gives, no one can take it away, and when he takes it away, nobody can take it back.”

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