The moment an Agbero tried to extort money from a Caucasian Vlogger (VIDEO)

The moment an Agbero tried to extort money from a Caucasian Vlogger (VIDEO)

A Caucasian vlogger who identifies as @harryjagard has shared a video on his Instagram page that captured the moment an Agbero tried to extort money.

The British Youtuber who had been touring different places in Nigeria for quite some time now almost got scammed at the market.

As shown in the video, a young man approached the Vlogger while he was touring the market, with claims that he was the chairman of this area.

He also added that, before the Youtuber is allowed to film in this area, he needs to settle him financially.

Harry however did not believe him as he requested to see his ID card, or something which points to him being the chairman of the marketplace.

Unable to provide the ID card, the tour guide who accompanied Harry, asked that he ignore the tout and they continued with their journey.

The video sparked outrage online, while many condemned the tout who approached the vlogger, others accused him of putting Nigerians in a bad light.

Below are some of the comments,

@shally_leee:  The automatic accent Africans develop while speaking with a foreigner will always be funny to me

@official_imoleayo_babajide:  This werey is being Sarcastic, He said He thought is messing around with One of Nigeria Mafia. So our Mafia go de use leg de waka, de scratch him blokoz

@Iam_zaiiii:  ey mumu yourself Oponu dem don go post you for YouTube enjoy the fame!!! Oniranu Dorgini dorgini bother Ode 

@denola___:  Nigerians spreading their dirty linens outside. What a Shame

Watch the video below,

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