TCN Commits To Tackling Challenges In Electricity Sector

TCN Commits To Tackling Challenges In Electricity Sector

Management of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has provided insights into recent efforts to improve electricity supply across the country.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja during an interactive session with civil society organisations and stakeholders, the assistant managing director of TCN, Muhammed Aminu Tahir, addressed concerns and highlighted achievements in the sector.

He emphasised the importance of transparency in addressing challenges and celebrating successes, pointing out that while interruptions are occasionally reported, significant periods of uninterrupted power supply often go unnoticed.

Tahir acknowledged the existence of distribution issues and occasional disruptions, attributing them to various factors, including demand-supply imbalances and vandalism.

He cited examples of vandalism, such as incidents involving drunk drivers knocking down power poles, underscoring the need for collective responsibility in safeguarding critical infrastructure.

Despite the challenges, Tahir reassured stakeholders of TCN’s commitment to addressing issues and providing clarification where needed.

He encouraged Nigerians to engage with TCN directly to gain insights into ongoing efforts and challenges faced by the organisation.

Tahir thanked participants for their engagement and reiterated TCN’s dedication to enhancing electricity supply across Nigeria while acknowledging the need for continuous collaboration and support from all stakeholders.

The president of Civil Society Groups for Good Governance (CSGGG), Ogakwu Dominic, stated, “This is what we have been expecting from TCN because part of the challenge is there is no accountability, and accountability leads to citizen action in promoting good governance. Citizens must know the prospects, challenges, and achievements at every point in time. When there’s a gap in information, it leads to wrong perceptions.”


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