Russian Military Becoming More Powerful Than NATO Forces – Report

Russian Military Becoming More Powerful Than NATO Forces – Report

The Russian Armed Forces have gained an advantage over the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) forces, as they acquired unique combat experience during a special military operation in Ukraine. The New York Post report by George Barros, an expert at the Washington Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has indicated. “None of the NATO countries has combat experience similar to that which the Russian armed forces are now acquiring in Ukraine,” the publication quotes Barros as saying.

In addition, the course of the special military operation demonstrated that “the best Western minds do not have the appropriate military doctrine or technological solutions that would allow them to understand how to restore Ukraine’s position on the battlefield,” he added.

The newspaper also notes that the special operation could lead to a sharp “increase in the productivity of Russia’s defense industry, making its armed forces much more powerful in a matter of years.”

Since the beginning of the year, Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are facing a shortage of ammunition and shells.

Kyiv is asking its allies to increase and speed up arms supplies, and is also trying to shift responsibility for the failures of Ukrainian troops onto them. In turn, Western countries, which after the start of Russia’s military offensive have repeatedly increased arms supplies to Ukraine, admit that they cannot cover all of Kyiv’s needs for ammunition.

The Russian side has repeatedly emphasised that the West’s sending of weapons to Ukraine and assistance in training the Ukrainian military only prolongs the conflict and does not change the situation on the battlefield.

The Western military-industrial complex lags behind the Russian one in production rates and will not help Ukraine turn the tide on the battlefield.

A former CIA officer and member of the US Democratic Party, Brian Dean Wright wrote about this in a material for Fox News.

Wright noted that there is no magic weapon that can solve the problem of personnel shortages in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is facing criticism due to unjustified cruelty and lack of awareness of the current state of affairs in the army, the author of the material noted, adding that “more and more Ukrainians are inclined to believe that the conflict has already been lost.

“Even the $60 billion allocated by the United States will not save Ukraine, Wright said. In Russia, they believe that America has deprived Ukraine of its future – the new aid package has put an end to the country’s further development.”

Also, former US military intelligence officer Scott Ritter named Russia’s main advantages in a possible conflict with NATO, one of which would be the power of Russian artillery, air defence systems and electronic warfare systems.

He opined that in the event of an armed confrontation with Russia, Western precision-guided ammunition delivery systems will be quickly destroyed by the return fire of the artillery of the Russian Armed Forces, and the West’s advantage in aviation will also be neutralized by the extensive network of Russian air defence and electronic warfare.

Ritter noted that Washington is able to fight effectively only with

its own complete dominance, as in Afghanistan and Iraq, but none of

this will help the Americans in the event of a clash with Russia.

During the invasion of Iraq and other local wars, Western media

intentionally or unknowingly exaggerated the powerful characteristics

of NATO weapons, thereby creating a “myth of their invincibility.”

“Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian conflict, the picture of tank

battles has completely changed compared to the past: the Russian army

has taken up strong defensive positions, and combat helicopters,

unmanned aerial vehicles and bombers are flying in the air, capable of

hitting vulnerable ground vehicles from various angles. In this

regard, the so-called ‘myth of invincibility’ of Western weapons has

dissipated – as if a soap bubble had burst.”


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