Putin Sworn In For Historic 5th Term, Pledges Stronger Future For Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin has been inaugurated for an unprecedented fifth term in a grand ceremony at the Kremlin on Tuesday, vowing to lead Russia through its current challenges to a triumphant future.

At 71, Putin, who has been at Russia’s helm of affairs since the turn of the century, secured a new six-year term following the March presidential elections, which notably lacked opposition presence.

In his inaugural address at the ceremony, attended by approximately 2,500 people, including top officials and military leaders, Putin emphasised the strength and unity of the nation.

“We are a united and great nation,” he declared, receiving applause from the audience.

“Together, we will overcome all obstacles, achieve everything we have planned, and together we will win.”

Putin, describing the presidency as a “huge honour and sacred duty,” assured that Russia would emerge “even stronger” from this “difficult, decisive period.”

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