Popular TikToker Murja Kunya Clashes With Lawyers Over Breach Of Bail Condition


A popular and controversial TikToker in Kano state, Murja Kunya, embroiled in a fierce verbal battle with her legal team after resuming her social media activities despite bail conditions prohibiting such actions.

Kunya’s head of legal team, Barrister A.U. Hajji, has publicly expressed his dismay at her blatant disregard for the court’s orders.

The court has explicitly prohibited her from actively posting content on social media platforms until the completion of her trial.

This restriction was a key component of her bail conditions set by Justice Saminu in March 2024.

Despite this, Kunya resumed her social media presence, prompting a stern response from her lawyer.

“I am disappointed in her,” Hajji stated during an interview with a local station. “After all the efforts and rigours of her trial, I didn’t think she would disregard a court order. Once I saw the videos online, I called her bail sureties and asked them to caution her. Defying a court order is unwise. I really didn’t think she would do such a thing.”

In response, Kunya refuted her lawyer’s claims in a separate interview. She asserted that her legal team had assured her that her case had concluded and that she was now permitted to post content online, as the stipulated date of May 16th had passed.

“You can check my timestamps, I didn’t post a single video until May 16th, and it was my lawyers who assured me it was okay to post but to ensure I adhere to certain conditions,” she explained.

“During my trial, I only attended court twice; afterward, it was my lawyers who attended, so I didn’t doubt them when they said everything was cleared.”

Kunya also revealed that she is currently out of the country, citing ongoing discontent from the people of Kano regarding her activities.

“I left as soon as I was released. Since Kano people don’t like what I do, I thought it wiser to move away, so I left the country completely. But I will keep posting content from wherever I am,” she said, without disclosing her current location or whether the move was permanent.

Murja Kunya was granted bail in March 2024 at N500,000.00, with the requirement of two reliable sureties, including a relative and another person possessing a landed property in Kano municipality.

She had been in custody since February 20, 2024.

The court, while granting the bail, imposed a restriction on her social media usage until the conclusion of the case, warning that any violation could lead to her re-arrest and subsequent appearance in court.

The proceedings were adjourned to May 16, 2024, for further legal deliberations and evidence gathering.

As the situation unfolds, it remains uncertain whether the court will order Kunya’s re-arrest for breaching her bail conditions particularly when she has revealed to have left the country.

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