Non-EU Countries To Pay More For Schengen Visa June 11

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The European Commission has announced a 12% increase in Schengen visa fees for non-European Union countries which will increase from €80 to €90 for adults and €40 to €45 for children.

The Commission attributed the rise to inflation, with the fee adjustment following a 3-year review by the Commission, adding that the directive will take effect from the 11th of June

The fee increase was proposed by the Commission on February 2, following a December meeting where member states overwhelmingly supported the revision.

Additionally, the Commission has suggested allowing external providers of Schengen visas to raise their fees following this revision.

Despite this hike, the Commission considers these fees “relatively low” compared to other countries, noting that visa costs start at €134 in the UK, around €185 in the US, and €117 in Australia.

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