Nollywood’s Makeup Artist Feyzo Embarks On 2-day Intensive Masterclass

Nollywood’s Makeup Artist Feyzo Embarks On 2-day Intensive Masterclass

Makeup artist, Feyisayo Oyebisi, also known as Feyzo, has announced a two-day intensive masterclass in special effects makeup.

Feyzo, celebrated for her exceptional work on numerous blockbuster movies, including Ajosepo, Ile Owo, and A Tribe Called Judah, which she co-created with an industry colleague, said the training will expose participants to several film and TV makeup techniques and teach the secrets behind creating flawless makeup for high-definition cameras.

In a statement, she said: “I am excited to offer this intensive masterclass to share the techniques and tricks I’ve learned throughout my career. Special effects makeup is a powerful tool in storytelling, and I look forward to helping others develop their skills and creativity.

“The masterclass is ideal for makeup artists looking to expand their repertoire, film and TV professionals aiming to enhance their production quality, and everyone passionate about the art of special effects makeup. Limited spots are available to ensure personalized attention and a hands-on learning experience. At the end of the session, participants are expected to have mastered the art of creating realistic injuries, bruises, and cuts that enhance dramatic scenes and also perfect the technique of applying bald caps for a variety of characters. Along with that, participants will gain skills in aging actors seamlessly for roles that span decades and learn how to achieve lifelike sweat, blood, burns, and tears to bring authenticity to any scene.”

Feyzo has over 15 years of experience in the industry and her artistry has earned her nominations for the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) two years in a row as well as Best of Nollywood Awards.

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