Ningi’s Suspension Remains Internal Affair, Senate Insists

Ningi’s Suspension Remains Internal Affair, Senate Insists

Again, the Senate has said the suspension of Senator Abdul Ningi (Bauchi Central) is an internal affair of the Red Chamber.

Ningi was suspended for three months due to his allegations of budget padding, an incident the Senate said breached the privileges of the Senate, spreading misinformation, disobeying Senate rules, which led to a rowdy session in the Senate.

In an interview with journalists during the unveiling of the 10th Senate’s Magazine, a publication of the office of the chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, the Upper Chamber’s spokesman, Yemi Adaramodu, said only the 108 senators can act on Ningi’s issue since it is an internal matter.

 “The issue of Ningi’s suspension is an internal matter. That has been dealt with,” Adaramodu said.

He said, “Any decision to be taken, it must be a decision of the entire Senate. Only the entire Senate can take that decision to recall Ningi before the three-month period and not the Senate President.”

“If our brother wants anything to be done about it, he should put it forward on its merit and we will consider it,” Adaramodu added.

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