Nigerian Man Titled “Best Father Of The Year” As He Gifts His Six Kids Brand New Laptops (VIDEO)

Nigerian Man Titled "Best Father Of The Year" As He Gifts His Six Kids Brand New Laptops (VIDEO)

A Nigerian man has made waves online by providing each of his six children with a own brand-new laptop.

The father’s generous gesture, which was captured in a viral video, has garnered attention and praise from social media users

In the video, each child is seen proudly carrying their respective laptop, flaunting their newly acquired gift.

Recognizing the role that technology plays in modern education and career choices the father had taken the approach to empowering his children with the necessary tools for success.

The video’s caption, which refers to the father as “odowgu”  has further sparked praise towards his actions.

While the man’s decision has been met with positivity, the move has also sparked some debate, as a few commenters have questioned the potential risks associated with providing young children with such expensive devices.

However, the majority of the online response has been overwhelmingly supportive, with many applauding the father’s investment in his children’s future.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

@rosythrone : “Normally this is supposed to be a normal lifestyle for kids for learning purposes. It’s not a big deal if you can afford it”

@certifiedmichael : “Daddy Don Carry HK Boys Laptop Come House Has Dem No agree Cash out”

@mart: This is beautiful to see, i love this, more of this, kids learn at a young age

@prince_izuu : “Teach them tech skills on time, they v can play with JavaScript, play with python, make it interesting for them.


Watch the video below:

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