Nigerian Man Sparks Outrage Online By Choosing ₦5,000 Over Jesus Christ (VIDEO)

Nigerian Man Sparks Outrage Online By Choosing ₦5,000 Over Jesus Christ (VIDEO)

In a video circulating on the popular social media platform, TikTok a young Nigerian man has caused a wave of reactions online by opting for a sum of ₦5,000 over Jesus Christ when presented with a choice between the two.

The video captures the moment when the man is posed with the question of choosing between the monetary amount and Jesus Christ.

Astonishingly, without a moment’s hesitation, he chooses the cash, prioritizing his immediate financial gain over religious belief.

The statement and decision made by the man have left many viewers shocked.

The video has sparked a fierce response, with individuals flooding the comment section to express their disbelief and disappointment at this decision.

This incident has sparked discussions about the values and priorities prevalent in today’s society.

As the video continues to circulate online, it has undoubtedly evoked strong emotions, garnering the attention of netizens and viewers online

Here are some reactions from viewers:

Minstrel ladeade: “this boy chai may God forgive you o.”

Loveth Bagayoko: “i did this to my children and they choose God. I’m so proud of them.”

iborousiere: “omg this hardship, i no gree give me 5k. Jesus Christ him self no wetin I dey face.”

Blessing Victor: “I will choose Jesus over 50k, what God has done for me is more than that.”


Watch the video below:


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