Nigerian Lady Expresses Her Disappointment Over Pizza She Ordered In Ilorin (VIDEO)

 Nigerian Lady Expresses Her Disappointment Over Pizza She Ordered In Ilorin (VIDEO)

A Nigerian woman has caused a stir on social media after expressing her disappointment over the appearance of a pizza she ordered in Ilorin, garnering the attention of netizens online.

In a video shared on a popular social media platform, the woman’s face is first shown, as she unveils the pack containing the pizza.

Her immediate disappointment becomes evident as she removes the pizza from the box and examines it, finding it falling short of her expectations.

What caught her attention was not only the appearance of the pizza but also the packaging.

The pizza, much to her surprise, was noticeably small in size and was awkwardly placed inside a larger box, leaving her puzzled and confused.

The video quickly gained traction, drawing the interest of viewers who flooded the comment section to express their thoughts on the matter.

Many shared their own humorous experiences, sparking a lively discussion surrounding the quality and standards of pizza in different parts of the country.

As the video continues to circulate, the online conversation continues, it as undeniably garnered the attention of netizens and drawn mixed reactions from viewers and users alike.

Here are some reaction from viewers:

OhhdatsIFE: “Any pizza that’s not pizza jungle in Ilorin my hand no dey.”

BEAUTY OMA: “you see pizza 🍕 inside abi you no see pizza, ehn baby.”

King Nick: “Perhaps you ordered mini size & they packed it in big size pack.”

Dor_cas: “it shrinked before it got to your place.”


Watch the video below:


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