New National Anthem Reflects Patriotism, National Ethos – Governor Eno

New National Anthem Reflects Patriotism, National Ethos – Governor Eno

Governor of Akwa Ibom State Umo Eno has described the re-adopted old National Anthem as the best representation of nationalism, patriotism, and national ethos.

He applauded President Bola Tinubu for working towards the return to the old order.

“The old anthem reflects and captures the nation’s aspirations,” the governor said in his address to the people of the state on the occasion of his administration’s first anniversary celebration held at the Uyo Township Stadium.

He said, “ I congratulate President Bola Tinubu and commend him for signing the old national anthem bill into law,” adding that the restoration of the old anthem would galvanize Nigerians along the path of unity, peace, and ethnic harmony for national development.

While giving his administration scorecard for one year, the governor attributed his achievements in Agriculture, Rural Development, Infrastructure, Security, and Education (ARISE) to God’s grace and the support of the Akwa Ibom people.

Therefore, he pledged that in the years ahead, his administration will accelerate rural development, food security, housing, market development, infrastructure upgrades, and real estate developments in Lagos and Abuja.

“In our second year in office, we plan to increase the tempo of governance in the coming years by the Grace of God and the support of all people both at home and in the diaspora. We will focus on implementing projects in line with the five pillars of the ARISE agenda.

“In agriculture, we will complete the Ibom Model Farm and Resort in partnership with the Songhai Farms of Porto’ Novo. We will significantly increase food production and the price stability of our staple foods, among other things.

“We plan to link up existing infrastructure to a full value chain and consolidate on existing policies and programmes,” he stated.

He listed other priorities of his administration in the coming years including the ARISE Shopping City in Uyo,  a mall that will attract certified global brands, commercialisation of the state’s existing facilities in Lagos and Abuja,  medium density housing estate in Ewet Housing for upwardly mobile professionals, and activation of the industrial park with several industries coming alive, as well as upgrading the Ibom Specialist Hospital by adding a renal centre in the corridor, among many other things.

He assured that arrangements were on for building the elderly people’s recreational centre, an international market in Ikot Ekpene, reconstruction of Oron beach, construction of more model schools, and provision of an ICT centre in Ibom-LED to be used for all exams, including recruitment tests into the state civil service.

Others included implementing student exchange programmes in London and consolidating the Dakkada Skills Acquisition Centre.


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