Netizens react to video of man ‘toasting’ a m@d woman on the street (WATCH)

Netizens react to video of man 'toasting' a m@d woman on the street (WATCH)

A Nigerian man stirs the internet with a video clip of him playfully wooing a mad woman on the street.

The man with mischief up his sleeves approached a random mad woman with his group of friends who recorded the scenario and throwing playful teases in the conversation.

Telling her toaster to leave her alone when he asked for her name shows the mad woman was getting cranky. But the man persisted, asking her mushy questions which the mad woman pointedly ignored.

The man declared he likes her and would like to take her out, which elicited laughter from the public. The woman, however, stood her ground, moving several paces away from the teaser and telling him to let her be.

Mixed reaction follows the video, as while some netizens found it hilarious, others criticized the man for approaching and assaulting her.

Read some of the comments below,

@amakaE: This is sexual harassment. So embarrassing, and criminal.

@chukwe: Disgusting behaviour

@DavidBerna68683: Cruising with mad person.

@domicilezzzz: Illiteracy is a disease , She seems like an easy prey so he went ahead to harass, and the lady passing by shame on you . you had an opportunity to help your fellow sister out of that situation. This is why men keep treating you guys badly cause you ladies don’t help each other.


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