Netizens Express Shock As Groom Shows No Empathy Towards His Crying Bride (VIDEO)

Netizens Express Shock As Groom Shows No Empathy Towards His Crying Bride (VIDEO)

A video capturing a groom’s nonchalant response to his bride’s tears during their wedding ceremony has sparked concern and garnered attention on social media.

The video, shared on the microblogging platform “X” by user @sugabelly, has sparked a wave of reactions from netizens who expressed their disappointment at the groom’s uncaring attitude.

In the emotional clip, the bride can be seen shedding tears, possibly overwhelmed by the thought of leaving her family.

Despite standing right beside her, the groom appeared unaffected, casually chewing gum and maintaining a forward gaze, oblivious to his bride’s emotional outburst.

The video quickly gained traction online, with many users expressing their disapproval of the groom’s behavior.

@sugabelly, in particular, went as far as stating that she would cancel the wedding if the groom were her son, given his indifference towards his wife’s emotional state.

Fortunately, the bride’s family and friends rallied around her, offering comfort and wiping away her tears.

Their supportive gestures showed the importance of emotional support and empathy within a marriage.

As the video continues to circulate, it has undeniably garnered the attention of netizens and viewers, drawing various mixed reactions Online.

Here are some reactions from viewers:

@Taofeeqoh__ : “Looks like a loveless marriage”

@FancyClassyBee : “How can a person ignore their spouse to this extent? 

@prudence_20 : “Most of these marriages especially in the north are fixed/arranged, hence the lack of emotions on the part of the guy.”

@harrypearl7 : “Marriage isn’t marriage without Love, & Empathy is part of love’


Watch the video below:

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