My Social Media Fans Motivate Me To Strive For Excellence

My Social Media Fans Motivate Me To Strive For Excellence


Nigerian model, actor and brand influencer, Benjamin Bassey Effiong, fondly referred to as YallMeetBernie, has said that he draws his drive to excel in his craft from his teeming, patriotic and passionate fans on social media.

YallMeetBernie, born into a family of four, hails from Oron Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, knew very early in life what he was passionate about and has been on that trajectory for some years now. Pushes by his own ambition, Yallmeetbernie, also known as King of TikTok, has toiled hard to acquire the status of that draws brands seek to expose their products to his ever growing followers on all social media platforms.

He has a mammoth 1.7million followers on TikTok, in addition to 81million people who have liked his contents on the platform, and 240,000 followers on Instagram.

Yallmeetbernie’s followers are his biggest motivation, a fact he has long come to embrace after realising how far they have come along with him in his quest for stardom.

“My followers mean a lot to me, they give me the motivation I really need to keep pushing,” King of TikTok said while looking back on his journey.

Being a graduate of Mass Communication, Benjamin Bassey Effiong is captivated by all genres of art. Soon to release his first track, his topmost ambition is to be a big model on the international scene.

“I have the ambition to model globally and I’m working on it”, Yallmeetbernie
also shared.

He added: “Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed watching my self. It was then I developed love for content creation and modelling/actor. But honestly, I do modelling and content creation better.”

After the death of his father, Yallmeetbernie’s mum had to combine the task of motherly affection and guidance of a dad to him and his brother. King of TikTok could not really convince her about his passion for what he does but his successes have. He attributed his success to the “right” person, his manager, who has been immense in his journey.

“At first, my mum wasn’t cool with all of this and I told her to trust the process and I’m glad she did. So now we’re on the same page here. I’ve been giving lots of help many time but help from the right people is what matters. My manger Mr Sam has been of great help to me and I owe him so much, he emphasised,” said Yallmeetbernie.

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