Media Professionals Caution Against Overdependence On Artificial Intelligence

Media Professionals Caution Against Overdependence On Artificial Intelligence

Media professionals and students have been cautioned not to allow the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) take away their human creativity in their reportage and studies.

Although its use increases efficiency and productivity, AI is a major threat to job creation and security.

The admonition came from Rev. Fr. Terungwa Tor at a training organised by the Catholic Media Professionals Association of Nigeria (CAMPAN) in conjunction with the Directorate of Communications, Catholic Diocese of Makurdi in Benue State.

The cleric said while AI technology enhances accuracy, precision and decision-making capabilities among others, it has a lot of disadvantages.

In a presentation titled: “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Pros and Cons”, Tor said the major disadvantage of the technology is that thousands of people stand the risk of losing their jobs, which can lead to an increase in crime.

He said, „This workshop is organised to sensitise journalists and students on the workings of AI and the dangers it poses to humans in terms of overdependence.

“Thousands of people may lose their jobs to AI, especially automated jobs. AI will potentially displace human workers, mostly in industries where tasks are repetitive or can be easily automated.

“AI systems can also portend security and privacy risks because they can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches, compromising sensitive information,“ he said.

The cleric said poor-quality data can lead to inaccurate or misleading results by AI which will affect organisations in a negative way. The production and disposal of AI hardware can contribute to environmental issues like e-waste and energy consumption, which may be harmful to humans, he added.

In his address, the director of social communications, Rev. Fr. Moses Iorapuu, explained that the training is to commemorate the 2024 Communication Week with the theme: “Artificial Intelligence and the Wisdom of the Heart: Towards a Fully Human Communication”, is to expose journalists and students to the usefulness, advantages and disadvantages of AI.

While acknowledging the role artificial intelligence is already playing in all facets of life, Fr. Iorapuu warned against placing total trust on the technology and neglecting human knowledge and understanding, saying, in as much as AI makes things easier, we should be conscious of its disadvantages.

„AI is helpful to many aspects of human existence, but like any other technology, it also has its own disadvantages, so we need to have this at the back of our minds,“ he stated.

Earlier the state chairman of CAMPAN, Hembadoon Orsar, described the training as apt, adding that the knowledge gained would deepen the understanding of participants on the use of AI in their work.


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