Man horr!f!ed as he discovers his barber to be g@y (VIDEO)

Man horr!f!ed as he discovers his barber to be g@y (VIDEO)

The moment a young man realized that his barber was a closeted gay when he visited the salon to have a haircut.

As the male barber started, the young man brought out his phone to make a video about the styling process. However, the recording took a different path.

The man shows how the barber was making passes at him and touching him in a cringing manner. The gay man stared at his customer in a lustful way and sucked his own lips.

All these expressions and actions were enough for the young man to come to the realization that his barber was indeed a homosexual and that he found him attractive.

The scenario has left many pondering. Netizens wonder why the gay man would so unashamedly lust after the straight man, without fear of being lynched or rebuked.

They reckon that queer men should stick to their male lovers and not try to lure unsuspecting heterosexual men into the mix.

Read some of the comments:

Tommyy Boy: See weytin start the video, you con day zuzu . Give am uppercut😂😂😂

Justina Anekwe: He’s not that into you because he didn’t touch your lips ..only your nose🤭😂

See the video below,

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