Man called home with ch@rm seeks wife and children in the UK after 14 years (WATCH)

Man called home with ch@rm seeks wife and children in the UK after 14 years (WATCH)

An old man who used to live in the UK was interviewed in a street in Ibadan where he disclosed that he has a nuclear family in the United Kingdom and has in fact lived there in his younger years.

The man could not explain how he got back to the country and when asked where he had stayed abroad, he mentioned Manchester. He has been stuck in Nigeria and the last time he saw his wife and twin children was fourteen years ago.

Now, he’s imploring people to help him search for his family as he could not even remember his friends over there or how he could contact them.

Nigerians were sympathetic to the sad story of this man as they recounted stories of people they knew with similar fates. Read:

@jahzminecasual: Ahhh this man is staying one area, Iyana lodge Ibadan …God be merciful on him o 

@boidanny56: Them plenty for osun wey don do use jazz drag 😢

@bluetooth_catering_and_event: This man later got here ahhh, they actually brink him back to Nigeria with charm, he is around iyana lodge, Oke ado Ibadan. He prays around for people to give him money

@alph_a1919: I know these man very well, na juju them use drag him come Nigeria, he knows all big man in Ibadan but can’t find he’s life balance, God will heal him

@oman_malonia: Nothing anybody want tell me this baba na Jazz them take bring am come back house Aje…. I know someone whey this kind stuff don happen to before 😢


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