Man bur!ǝd alive shares an update after 8 hours of being in the coff!n

Man bur!ǝd alive shares an update after 8 hours of being in the coff!n

A Nigerian man by name, Young C has embarked on a daunting challenge to be buried alive in a coffin for 24 hours.

He shared his intention on his Instagram page on Wednesday, stating that the stunt was genuine and not a fluke. He promised to broadcast live footage from the coffin at night by 7 pm which he has done.

By Wednesday night, Young C revealed that he had been buried for over 8 hours and showed the camera the interior of the coffin and what he brought along.

“Guys, I have been buried alive for over 8 hours now. For those of you who saw my first video, I have been down here. As you can see, my camera is still rolling, and I have my light down there, I am sweating, guys.”

Young C was sweating excessively though he has a small rechargeable fan with him. He said he forgot to bring its charger and worried about its battery going dead.

The video has garnered a lot of reaction from netizens who were shocked by his audacity and bravery:

@ThessyFelix Ihuoma: Weytin carry am go there in the first place? Where him mama dey

@Ene Agbo Nkwor: Doesn’t he know he would need oxygen at at point? Which one is fan? This is not funny at all. Police come and arrest this Otukpo Houdini right away

@Modupe Olatunji Adebisi: I’m worried on his behalf

@Ruth Ogieva: So instead of you to conserve oxygen, you are talking? Or he has excess oxygen inside the ground ? Abi them dey whine us?


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