Man berates his “talking stage” who messes up his toilet after visiting for the first time (VIDEO)

Man berates his "talking stage" who messes up his toilet after visiting for the first time (VIDEO)

A Nigerian man sends a voice message to his talking stage, feeling irritated after she refused to flush the toilet properly following her first visit to his house.

The lady identified as @The_Sugarrr_Girl shared the WhatsApp voice note via TikTok, disclosing she met the man on Instagram.

In the viral video, the lady noted that she had visited her talking stage for the first time when she used his toilet and didn’t flush properly. However, the man decided to express his displeasure as he ranted about her disgusting behaviour.

He also inquired about her eating habits, stating how stressful it was for him to clean her mess.

The man’s voice message has attracted attention online as many shame the lady for the irritating behaviour. While some question her audacity in sharing the message online, others berate her for ruining her personality on a first-time visit.

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@omalichawa It’s not funny you are d!s¥usting..and what’s more d!s¥us+ing about it. it’s that u decided to post it for us to us to see how d!s¥us+ing u are

@glammedbysuccess Wait!!!! You posted this yourself? Or your phone was hacked? Because!!! Whats this shamelessness for Gods sake 😭😭😭

@victoriadominic She flushed it na😂😂 it resurrected again😂😂😂

@oba_richie_ Pretty girl with big pupu 😂

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