“Liver pass 10k ooo”– Netizens raise concern as man drinks 4 cans of alc0h0l for 10k (VIDEO)

"Liver pass 10k ooo"– Netizens raise concern as man drinks 4 cans of alc0h0l for 10k (VIDEO)

Several reactions trailed online as a man jumped on a trending alcohol challenge, drinking 4 cans of a popular alcoholic drink for N10,000. Netizens raised concerns over health complications the man could suffer due to the challenge.

The man’s attempt followed after other netizens hopped on the alcohol challenge, showing the ability to consume a can of alcohol at a go.

The young man agreed to drink 4 cans of alcohol to earn N10,000 without considering his health.

The video has stirred reactions with Internet users requesting his current condition after consuming 4 cans. Many emphasized that the alcoholic drink is harmful, stating how it can damage his body system.

See reactions below,

@franklyn I will Never be Poor, Because of 10k 🤔🙄

@RuthDivva 10k??? To prove that you can harm yourself?? I tire for this generation….. Make dem use palm wine do am it’s not necessarily beer.

@emrayiam Where’s the aftermath video nah, abi nothing do ham after drinking the 4 bullets

@Dreyfxx if kidney problem come, make nobody open gofundme dey seek public sympathy o. una dey enjoy una life now without caution if the outcome reach. hmm

@smokin_pen 10k can’t cover the costs of the damage it will do to his internal organs. Avoid friends that push you to do harmful stuff like this.

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