“Lion dey fǝar lion” – Moment Senator Dino Melaye pleaded for his life as a lion approached him at a friend’s house (WATCH)

"Lion dey fǝar lion" – Moment Senator Dino Melaye pleaded for his life as a lion approached him at a friend's house (WATCH)

A video capturing the moment Senator Dino Melaye begged for his life as a white cub approached him in a friend’s house sparks discussion online.

Sharing via his Instagram page, the senator was recorded having a pleasant moment at a friend’s house when a white cub gently rose up from its mother’s side heading towards Dino’s direction.

He captioned the video,

“Lion na lion, I beg. Ere kere lon doyun koyun, oyun koyun lon domo komo, omo komo lon….”

Dino Melaye instantly started begging for his life as he pleaded for the cub to be taken away from him, creating a hilarious atmosphere in the room.

His friend could be regarded as an Arab considering the attire of people in the room and Arabs are known for keeping wild animals as pets.

The video has sparked discussion among Internet users as many bemoan his friend over keeping a wild animal as a pet while others commended the composure of the senator.

See reactions below,

@engr_jekwu You Dey follow white lion of kogi state dey drag since…so why you dey beg now😂

@ade.dada Lion of Nigeria politics dey fear ordinary white Lion!
Haba, I think you can wrestle with 3 lions self

@markbajen82 Baba dey reason wetin go happen to all the cars wey dey inside him garage if the curb mistakenly do anyhow..

@lilsconcept_ Who dey use wild animal do pet for heaven sake… No matter how well brought up it may look.. it still dangerous

@wofai.u Na here my composure and Steeze for evaporate 😂😂 Na to shout “mummy oh”😭😂

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