Lady shares how a man she wasn’t interested in and wanted to chase away with ‘billings’ sent her N400k

Lady shares

A Nigerian lady has taken the internet by storm after sharing how a male admirer sent her the whopping sum of N400,000.

The lady, identified as @ZahrahShekarau, disclosed that she isn’t interested in the guy and has tried to let him down easily without hurting his feelings, but he isn’t getting the memo.

According to her, she didn’t want to reject him outrightly and was simply ignoring him, but he still continued applying pressure.

In a bid to chase him away completely, she decided to ask for an exorbitant amount of money with the hopes that he will block her for being materialistic.

She requested N300,000 to buy aso-ebi for a friend’s wedding, and to her utmost surprise, the man sent the money with an extra N100,000.

Taking to Twitter to share her shock, she wrote, “Heyy y’all he sent me the money!!
I’m screamingggg”

Some netizens doubted her story, so she went on to share screenshots of their conversation and the payment receipt as evidence that she wasn’t lying.

See her full post below,

However, it remains unclear if she would return the money since she is not interested in the man or proceed with a romantic relationship with him.

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