Kwankwasiyya And Quest For Ganduje’s Downfall


The suspension of the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) Abdullahi Ganduje is generally being seen as orchestrated by the Kano state government, and the political movement which is led by the Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso faction of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP). They have been accused of sponsoring the press conference of seven individuals that claimed to be the leaders of the APC Ganduje Ward. 

Since their maiden press conference in Kano, where they announced the suspension of Ganduje, they have remained inaccessible to newsmen as they could not be reached. 

The situation worsened when 27 exco members of the APC Ganduje Ward emerged claiming that they were impersonated , and that they didn’t suspend the National Chairman.

Barely a 48 hours after the maiden press conference, they were able to secure a court order affirming the suspension of Ganduje. 

They secured the order from High Court four under Justice Usman Na’abba against who the troubled exco filed a petition before the National Judicial Commission (NJC). 

They went before him again to secure another exparte order restraining the implementation of the initial order suspending Ganduje. 

There is a general belief by the public that the scenario is sponsored by the Kwankwaso faction of NNPP to clear the ground for them to join the APC. 

Commenting on some of these issues, the state’s APC spokesman, Ahmad Aruwa clarified that the issue of Ganduje’s suspension is a bygone and has not succeeded. 

He said that the same court that affirmed the suspension is the same court that reversed it and restrained anyone from affirming the suspension. 

“The issue of suspension is now a bygone, it is no more because it has since been resolved. They sorted a court order affirming their claim which has since been restrained by yet another order from the same court. That issue has since been dealt with. 

“There is nothing like suspension of our National Chairman by any group or individuals. Those behind it have failed. 

“We have dealt with the situation since when we revealed to the world that they were impersonators and were sponsored by some disgruntled elements” he explained.

On the intention of the Kwankwasiyya faction of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) joining the ruling APC, the spokesperson confirmed that the APC is a mega party and has the federal government while the NNPP only boasts of having Kano. Like other smaller parties across the country, the NNPP would also want to join the APC. But their problem is coming under the leadership of the immediate past Governor of Kano state Abdullahi Ganduje, the National Chairman. 

“On the issue of whether the Kwankwasiyya faction of the NNPP want to join the ruling APC, is something very clear. The ruling APC is a party all over the country with majority all the sectors. Whereas the NNPP has only Kano state. So it is obvious that not only the NNPP but other small parties from other states want to join the APC to become part of the mega party. 

“The Kwankwasiyya Movement and the NNPP wants to join the APC but are afraid of the National Chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje, they see him as a threat to their interest. If they join the party they will be under him, at the state level he will be the party leader because he is the National Chairman of the party, these are all not in their interest. 

“We the members of the party believe that if they want to join the APC they have to come through the National Chairman Abdullahi Ganduje and have to be loyal to him, and this is what they are seeing as their problem” he explained. 

He finally dismissed any possiblity of arrangements between president Bola Tinubu and the NNPP, saying it is only when they join the party that such can be known. 

“On the issue of whether there is any agreement with the president Bola Tinubu, cannot be clarified. This is because they are yet to join the APC and are yet to show any direct intention of joining the party. Until they join, we cannot answer this question. 

“If there is going to be any negotiations or agreements, they will have to be with our National Chairman Abdullahi Ganduje. It is with him that they have to negotiate and agree to join the party not with anyone else” he stated.

Concerning the allegations against the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) that they are the masterminds behind the Ganduje’s tribulations, the part chairman of the party Hashimu Dungurawa, dismissed the claims that they have nothing to do with the APC in the same way as the former Kano governor declared that he has nothing to do with the Kwankwasiyya Movement. 

“The truth here is that the  APC are not being fair to their oppositions in any way. These patriotic young Ward leaders of the APC in Ganduje Ward, who were convinced of the corrupt acts of former governor Ganduje and how he is involved in bribery and corruption, they decided to save the image and integrity of the APC by suspending him from the party at the ward pending when it is clarified that he is innocent. 

“This action of theirs is for the purpose of clearing the image and integrity of the APC which is affected by the corruption charges against the National Chairman of the party. 

“They are disturbed by this problem despite their party having Senators, Rep members, state assembly members and others and yet the party is is faced with such calamity. 

“These ward leaders are not happy with the way Ganduje has tarnished the image of the party in the state. He wrongly sold government property including schools, hospitals, market places and worship places. 

“These young APC ward leaders are not happy with Ganduje at all. They now saw that the Kano state governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has opened investigations on the former governor and is seen to have a lot of skeletons in his cupboard, they decided to react which they did at the right time.

“They want him to be removed from the position of National Chairman pending the the completion of the cases and allegations against him. This will help the transparency in the process. 

“They have done this at the right time such that the court has even issued and order to that effect. We wish to thank these young Ward leaders for their patriotism and call on them to also extend the same to all those involved in corrupt practices in their party. 

“Concerning the issue of our leader Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso joining the APC, there is nothing the Ganduje will say that I will believe him except if he says there is only one God, I will believe that, but not any other thing.

“There is something Ganduje used to say that he will have nothing to do with the Kwankwasiyya Movement in his life again. In the same light I extend this message to him that we in the NNPP will have nothing to do with the APC in our lives as well. Onto them their deeds and onto us ours, everyone should go face his own. 

“We have everything we need in our party and it is fast growing and we don’t need anything from them” he said.


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