Korra Obidi jets off to Hawaii on vacation, just days after receiving over $50k in donations for legal fees (video)

Korra Obidi jets

Controversial Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi is currently trending on social media after traveling to Hawaii on vacation to ‘escape’ reality.

This has sparked huge controversy because her vacation comes only days after she went online to solicit donations to fund her legal fees for her ongoing child custody battle with her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

The mother of two went live on Facebook to reveal that Justin had gotten Facebook to take down videos featuring their children from her page because he doesn’t want them on social media.

Korra Obidi jets

She also lamented bitterly about the remaining content on her page being demonetized because of the action taken against her account.

To fight for her rights, she opened a GoFundMe account and begged Nigerians to come to her aid as she takes her ex-partner to court to protect her major source of income.

In a short time, Korra was able to raise over $50,000 out of a $100,000 target after over 1,000 people donated to the cause.

Korra Obidi jetsKorra Obidi jets

However, in an interesting turn of events, Korra is currently in Honolulu, Hawaii, having the time of her life. She also shared a video of herself extending Mother’s Day wishes to women while on a flight on Sunday, May 12.

Check out the geotag in this photo she shared on her Facebook story below,

This has caused a huge stir online, with many accusing her of being a scammer who siphoned funds from people through false pretenses to sponsor her trip.

She has since responded to the allegations, explaining that she booked the flight and Airbnb long before starting the GoFundMe campaign.

Watch a video of Korra in Hawaii below,

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