Kendrick Lamar Hits Back At Drake’s ‘Family Matters’ With ‘Meet The Grahams’ Diss Track

Kendrick Lamar Hits Back At Drake’s 'Family Matters' With 'Meet The Grahams' Diss Track

Kendrick Lamar has responded swiftly to Drake’s ‘Family Matters’ track with his own fiery diss track, “Meet the Grahams.”

In a matter of hours, Kendrick Lamar unleashed two diss tracks aimed at Drake, with the new song targeting not only the Toronto rapper but also his entire family.

‘Meet the Grahams’ opens with a bang, with Kendrick Lamar launching into four verses where he takes shots at Drake’s son Adonis, his mother Sandra, and his father Dennis. Perhaps the most startling accusation is Kendrick’s claim that Drake is hiding a daughter who is about 11 years old. The lyrics allude to this alleged secret, with Kendrick’s claims sparking intense speculation.

In response, Drake addressed the rumours on his Instagram story, posting, “Hold on, can someone find my hidden daughter pls and send her to me…these guys are in shambles.”

The cover art for the track appears to parody the imagery from Kendrick’s earlier song “6:16 in LA,” showing a zoomed-out photo featuring two bottles of pills, receipts, and other items purportedly linked to Drake. In his lyrics, Kendrick labels Drake a manipulator, a gambling addict, and even compares him to Harvey Weinstein.

The feud between the two rappers has taken a heated turn, with fans eagerly awaiting the next developments. Drake’s Instagram response and Kendrick Lamar’s explosive lyrics have already set social media abuzz, and only time will tell how this feud will end.

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