Kano Gov’t Denies Journalist Hit By ‘Stray Bullet’ In Gov’t House 

The victim, Naziru Idris Ya'u.

The Kano State government, on Saturday, strongly refuted reports that a reporter with the State-owned TV station, Abubakar Rimi Television (ARTV), Naziru Idris Ya’u, was hit by a stray bullet at the Government House on Friday night.

LEADERSHIP earlier reported that Naziru, ARTV correspondent attached to the Government House in Kano, claimed that he was hit by a strange bullet while standing and conversing with a group of friends at the Government House gate.

The journalist stated that the bullet was lodged in his arm and that he removed it by himself before being rushed to the Government House Clinic for medical attention.

But, in a statement released on Saturday, spokesperson for the Kano State governor, Sanusi Bature Dawakin Tofa, categorically denied Naziru’s claim while cautioning against sensational and one-sided media reports.

Dawakin Tofa stated that the reporter was not struck by a stray bullet, but instead, he sustained injuries from a flying metal debris emanating from a construction site within the Government House premises.

The statement read: “The attention of Kano State government has been drawn to a one-sided media report on social media revealing that a journalist, with the state-owned Television station, attached to Government House was hit by a stray bullet.”

“The incident, which occurred amidst a flurry of misinformation, sparked widespread concern and speculation regarding the safety of journalists covering events at the Government House.

“However, the government will like to emphatically say that journalists are not under threat in Kano Government House. It is, however, worthy of note to caution journalists to ensure credible source while reporting any development and avoid unnecessary sensational angle that can mislead the public.

For clarity purpose, Naziru Yau, the reporter of the state television station was not hit by any stray bullet.

Instead, he sustained injuries from the metal debris emanating from an ongoing construction at the Kano State Government House, an area that has been barricaded for caution.

“The truth of the incident emerged when medical professionals at the Government House clinic disclosed the true nature of Mr. Naziru’s injuries.

The journalist, Mr. Naziru, expressed gratitude for the prompt medical attention he received and thanked well-wishers for their concern during his recovery.

“Let me emphasise the need for journalists to remain vigilant while carrying out their duties, especially in environments where construction activities pose potential hazards.

We thereby dispel any rumour that had sparked outrage and call for increased safety measures for journalists covering sensitive events.

“We also need to underscore the importance of accurate reporting and thorough investigation in mitigating misinformation and maintaining public trust.”

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