Judiciary Will Cancel Governorship Election – LP Candidate

Judiciary Will Cancel Governorship Election – LP Candidate

The Labour Party (LP) governorship candidate in Imo State, Senator Athan Achonu has expressed confidence that the judiciary would cancel the last governorship election in the state and order for a rerun.

Achonu, who said this while speaking to journalists yesterday after his Thanksgiving at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Abuja, added that he decided to give thanks to God for sparing his life after what he went through during the last election.

He explained that he survived an assassination attempt and that up until now the people involved are still roaming the streets freely in Imo State, committing a lot of atrocities unhindered.

“During the election I was shot at, I was very lucky because my car was bullet proof. We have been in court and my lawyers have done a very wonderful job.  We believe that the judiciary will do a lot this time around to bring peace to Imo State and Igbo land.

“You know it was because of that judgement some years back that brought instability to the South East. So, we know that they will wipe away our tears now. The whole process was very straightforward and the whole world knew what happened. 

“Also, what we tendered in court is very straight and there is no kind of technicality that can uphold it. I believe in the judiciary that they will cancel the election. I am very confident that the election will be cancelled and there will be a rerun,” he said.

According to him, he would have organised the thanksgiving a long time ago, but was waiting to see if his cousin, John Chima would be released by his abductors.

“He is still being held when all the ransom they demanded for, we have paid them and they are still holding him captive. 

“We have been praying for him to be released, and we have come to ask God and fellow parishioners to join us in prayers for God to touch the hearts of his captors, so that they can release him. 

Also, that God should touch the heart of the judges to give us justice,” he said.

The LP governorship candidate further said that he believed that women are the hope for this country, that the men have failed Nigerians. 

“Can you not see the woman in Abia State, that with all the pressure on her, she did not succumb. Most of the tribunals are headed by women. I am very confident that they will do the right thing.

“So that they can give us democracy. See what Alex is doing in Abia state, we can still do the same in Imo state and develop our state. The Labour Party is fully behind me,” he said.


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