Jude Eze Honoured With US Varsity’s Doctorate Degree 

Jude Eze Honoured With US Varsity's Doctorate Degree 


In a momentous event that underscored the convergence of leadership, business acumen, and community impact, High Chief Jude Chidera Eze, the dynamic chairman and CEO of Artistry Fort Ltd and 19BG Electrical Co. Ltd, has been awarded an honorary doctorate degree in Business Administration by Prowess University, Delaware, USA.

The conferment ceremony was part of the illustrious 10th Annual Strategic Leadership Summit on Good Governance, orchestrated by Leadtimes Africa Magazine in partnership with the Institute of Arts Management and Professional Studies (IAMPS).

The prestigious ceremony, held at the University of Lagos, was a magnet for luminaries from various sectors, including business, academia, and governance. High Chief Eze, known by his traditional title Ubiego 1, received accolades for his innovative leadership and transformative contributions to the business landscape.

Nominated by Leadtimes Africa Magazine and IAMPS, High Chief Eze’s recognition comes as no surprise. His leadership has not only propelled his companies to new heights but has also significantly impacted community development and economic growth. Artistry Fort Ltd and 19BG Electrical Co. Ltd are celebrated for their commitment to excellence and ethical business practices.

In his acceptance address, High Chief Eze eloquently articulated his gratitude and underscored the importance of integrity and vision in leadership. He pledged to continue championing sustainable business practices and contributing to the socio-economic upliftment of Nigeria.

The summit, which commenced at 10:30 am, was a confluence of thought leaders and innovators, engaging in robust discussions on good governance and strategic leadership. The event provided a rich tapestry of ideas.

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