Incessant Attacks On Military Personnel Recipe For Anarchy, Group Warns  

Incessant Attacks On Military Personnel Recipe For Anarchy, Group Warns  

An advocacy group, Civil–Military Cooperation (CIMICO), has called for an end to incessant attacks on the military and security personnel, warning that the trend could trigger anarchy in Nigeria.

The group, while describing the attacks as dastard and condemnable, said any assault on the military is an assault on the very fabric of the country and an affront to the collective sensibility of the Nigerian state.

The group stated this against the backdrop of recent attacks against military personnel, especially the recent incident at Banex Plaza, Abuja. Military officers were also recently killed in Delta State.


The coordinator of Civil-Military Cooperation, Adams Otakwu, at a press conference in Abuja on Thursday, called for a respectful and cooperative disposition towards military personnel, saying it will prevent unintended military responses.


Otakwu, who is also the chairperson of Conference of Civil Societies, said: “The Nigerian Civil Society roundly condemns the infamous trend of attacks on our military and security forces by civilians as witnessed recently at Banex Plaza, Abuja.


“This incident is not just an attack on individual soldiers, but an affront to our collective sensibility and the Nigerian State, because the military is an institution that embodies our collective strength, unity and resilience. Any assault on the military is an assault on the very fabric of our Nation, that can trigger anarchy, unrest and national security destabilisation.”


The coordinator, who recalled the unpleasant experiences of Udi, Zaki-biam reprisals, and the recent incident in Okuoma community in Delta State, underscored the necessity to maintain a respectful and cooperative disposition towards the military in order to prevent unintended military responses.


“This accounts for our intensified efforts to galvanize Civil-Military Cooperation across the country in the bid to foster good relationship between the civilian populace and our military forces.


“We urge all citizens to remember that the military exists to protect and serve the Nigerian people, hence fostering a harmonious relationship with them is crucial for our collective security and progress.


“It is pertinent to state that the current leadership of the Armed Forces has shown commendable dedication to promoting this relationship as evidenced by the establishment of Civil-Military Cooperation Departments and Human Rights Desks across various services of the Armed Forces.


“These initiatives are designed to entertain civilian complaints, and mitigate potential conflicts between military personnel and civilians, a reflection of how democratically compliant our military has evolved in upholding human rights and fostering mutual respect.


“Again, we reiterate that that the military is our collective institution, and any assault on it is an assault on the Nigerian people. It is essential to recognize that the military is not biased towards any tribe, religion, or region. Nations like France, Germany, Egypt, the UK, and the US have demonstrated this understanding and emerged stronger and more resilient.


“Let us draw inspiration from these examples and work together with our armed forces in the overall interest of National Security and Development,” he stated.

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