“Igbo men dey hustle” – Shock trails video of a man overloading foams on a tricycle (WATCH)

"Igbo men dey hustle" – Shock trails video of a man overloading foams on a tricycle (WATCH)

Many have been flabbergasted and equally bemused by the sight of a Nigerian man, presumably Igbo, carrying an outrageous amount of industrial foam in his tricycle.

This happened at night and was recorded by some girls who found the spectacle exasperating and this they made known to the man.

The overloaded tricycle

In the video now making rounds on the internet, the ladies berated the man over carrying such overload and tried to embarrass him, but the man smiled instead and rode on.

The comment section was amazed by the man, with many hailing the hustling spirit of the Igbo man while some pointed out the dangers of what he did. Read on:

The overloaded tricycle

@jhust_chioms: A proud Igbo there! I don’t care 😂😍😍

@merc.y8046: He carry am abiii he no carry am😂

@el_nayaan_: I been think say na ship 🛳 o 😂

@__emini_real_panda: Make rain fess fall

@hairlaundry_byma: Taking risks at your own detriment😢

@nigeriamemes: Forget nah Talent be this ahbeg

@ameil64: If that guy is not arrested that means Nigeria don’t know what you’re doing

@georgeblaize: Na things like go make you know say Nigeria problem na from grass-root e start . I can even see some people applauding him in the comment section smh

@oluchukwu: I was waiting patiently to hear his tribe , I knew it was my brother , they hustle too much and at the same time over do am 😂😂

@johnny_colemann: On the bright side, that foam is worth millions of Näira. 😂 those who recently bought or constructed chairs knows what’s app 😂


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