“I don’t want anything, carry your camera and go” – Trader refuses skitmaker’s money help, netizens react

"I don't want anything, carry your camera and go" – Trader refuses skitmaker's money help, netizens react

The reaction of a Nigerian trader to a skit maker’s attempt at creating content with community help has sent the internet buzzing.

The woman, on being approached by the content creator with the pick-one-paper game had walked away uninterested. She was heard telling the person to leave with his camera as she did not want anything.

While some netizens defended her for being a private and content person, others lament how she just missed an opportunity to be a little richer. Read their comments:

@Prudence Sampson Ogharanduku: And that’s how people miss the opportunity of being blessed

@Ife Dolapo: They should have done it to someone beside her so that she will know she miss

@Opelopeoluwa Adeyemi Haruna: This is why you should let your pain consume you no matter how bad it is. Always believe it will change for the better one day.

@Omotolani Olasubomi: Wow I know this woman I swear I will show her this video tomorrow morning ahhhh i know she will regret it I stay beside her shop 😂😂

@Toluwani Jerry Ladenegan: Until we realize we have no right to post people without their approval….. She said she doesn’t want anything ….. Let her be …. But no….. u chose to enjoy the blog rewards by posting her and let gullible followers tag her names …..It’s a private world for some people.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think of the scene,

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