How The Invictus Games Renewed Hope For Amputee Soldiers In Nigeria

How The Invictus Games Renewed Hope For Amputee Soldiers In Nigeria

Despite losing limbs to battle injury, amputee soldiers find new life in the Invictus games co founded by the Duke of Sussex. Prince Harry, initiated the Invictus games in 2014 for wounded and injured soldiers. The soldiers narrate how their hope and purpose was restored after losing limbs during battle.

A 2023 Invictus games gold medalist LCPL Peacemaker Azubulam, said the games gave him new meaning in life after surviving an ambush by terrorists that led to the amputation of his left leg. “I’m a living proof of resilience through the Invictus games. I was injured in Boko Haram ambush in Borno State. I was fired on the left leg by Boko Haram terrorists leading to its amputation. I lost hope because it was my passion to join the military to protect the territorial integrity of my country but after the injury, I was devastated. I thought all hope was lost until I was introduced to the Invictus games by my colleague Dim in our military hospital in Kaduna. 

“I gave it a try by signing up and luckily I was selected to represent Nigeria in Germany and luckily I won a gold medal. Winning a gold medal was a thing of pride to Nigeria and also to my family. I want to let all know that I’m being inspired by Prince Harry, by his vision of this Invictus games because I now have a purpose in life. I now see ability in my disability. I can now do a lot of other things to contribute my quota to society and the army.” He also revealed that before participating in the Invictus games, the injury affected him in three different ways, mentally, emotionally and physically. Azubulam however, adds that he is now fully recovered.

“I now see myself able. It is all about mindset. I’ve made up my mind to live a better life,” he states. LCPL DIM who lost both hands fighting Boko Haram terrorists, told me that the grave incident meant the end of his career. However, he found hope in the Invictus games.

“I lost both arms in operation. After my injury, I was depressed. Even people around me were being affected before a lady introduced me to Invictus games and I worked towards it and by the grace of God it has given me hope today because I never knew I’ll be standing before people of this calibre to speak about my struggles. And now, alot of wounded soldiers have hope in life courtesy of Invictus games,” he said.

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