“Hold your husbands well” – UK-based lady shows off food items someone’s husband brought for her from Nigeria (WATCH)

"Hold your husbands well" – UK-based lady shows off food items someone's husband brought for her from Nigeria (WATCH)

A UK-based Nigerian lady took to social media to reveal the food items a man brought for her from Nigeria as she warns women to secure their husbands well.

The lady identified as @dalat.la shared a video of her unboxing the carton filled with food items, she instantly exclaimed upon seeing the amount of food items packaged for her.

The food items such as rice, crayfish, dried fish, cow skin, melon seed, beans, and other branded edibles were packaged for her.

In the video shared, the lady could be heard warning married women to hold their husbands tightly. She acknowledged the man’s effort, revealing he plans to visit her for dinner.

She claims to be a respectful lady with no intention of having an affair with a married man.

Many have criticized the lady for receiving food items from a married man she claims not to have a relationship with. While some regarded the man’s act of kindness to be foolish, others stated the viral video was to attract public attention for Internet engagement.

Netizens have taken to the comment section to request for lessons on how the lady secured a married man, who can afford to bring food items to them from their home country to the United Kingdom.

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