“Grandma was a g@ngster” – Netizens react as boy shows off his grandma’s full body tatt00 (WATCH)

"Grandma was a g@ngster" – Netizens react as boy shows off his grandma's full body tatt00 (WATCH)

A TikTok user, @o_plunger publicized a video of his grandma where he bared her tattoos to the camera, causing massive reactions on the internet.

In the video, he revealed the local tattoo of his grandma which she possibly got in her youthful days as a style and mark of fashion and beauty.

The boy alluded her to an American rapper, Lil Wayne who covered all of his body with tats.

Many viewers have stories to also share about their grannies as it seems this was a trend in the olden days.

Read some comments,

@kingfadekemi: Grandma was a gangster

@coby_minds: Grandma was notorious during her days 😂😂

@unicemami: Tattoo is an African culture but most people will come and argue now.😊 mama smile is everything she is shy 🙈 😍

@natasha_blessing_rasaq: A lot of grandma has it , they said it’s a sign of long life 😂 na so I go be with my tattoos when I don old 😂 I pray for long life

@mayray93: Tattoo is part of our culture,alot of these people wey no sabi culture no go close mouth or abi that thing wey dey Yoruba people face na oyibo them copy am from? Smh

@mo_bhola: This grandma na baddie for her youthful age 🙌

@lymer_chuchu: My mama get am for thigh, her name and my fathers’…if them get small misunderstanding and she site the tatto…omo she’ll just be hissing that day😂😂😂..

@odunayoash: My grandma had some but on her tummy areas 😂😂


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