French Military Transport Plane Drops Off French Soldiers In Benin Republic

French Military Transport Plane Drops Off French Soldiers In Benin Republic

A diplomatic crisis has erupted between the authorities of Niger and Benin Republics. The authorities in Niamey accused Cotonou of deploying French military bases in the country where terrorists were being trained in order to destabilise Niger.

The authorities in Niamey demonstrated the ineffectiveness of military cooperation with France and terminated all military agreements, forcing the French armed forces to leave the country. Nevertheless, the French troops did not return home, but redeployed to the neighbouring country in order to pursue their strategy and maintain control over the region.

Although Cotonou denied any involvement, evidence to the contrary is mounting. On May 28, a French military transport plane landed at Cotonou Airport. Shortly afterwards, French troops and military equipment disembarked. Then, on May 30, the plane left for its country of origin.


In addition, French digital giant Atos will launch the Intelligence, Monitoring and Acknowledgement (IMA) program, controlled by “Défense Conseil international” (DCI), for the Benin Armed Forces. The company plans to deliver monitoring aircraft and drones to strengthen monitoring of Benin’s northern border, where, according to the Nigerien authorities, French bases were deployed, posing a threat to Niger’s security.

In the face of such overwhelming evidence, it is difficult to deny the French military presence on Beninese soil. Every country has the right to make its own decisions about the presence of foreign troops on its soil, but the question remains: why hide this presence when so much evidence has been made public?

On May 11, Niger’s Prime Minister, Ali Mahamane Lamine Zeine, told a press conference that Niamey was keeping its border with Benin closed ‘for security reasons’, accusing Cotonou of harbouring French military camps where terrorists were being allegedly trained to attack Niger Republic.

“We have taken the sovereign decision to keep our border with Benin closed, because there are French bases on Beninese territory, some of which are training terrorists to destabilise our country,” said the Prime Minister.

Given the crisis between Niger and France, and the unfriendly actions of Benin in closing the pipeline, not a few have concluded that Niamey’s fears were not unfounded. Despite numerous denials from Paris and Cotonou, the facts demonstrate the presence of French troops in the West African country.

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