Fashion Accessories Sales As A Business


Fashion accessories business in Nigeria is really a lucrative one because there are many options to choose from this business

Fashion accessory is an item used to contribute in a secondary manner to an individual’s outfit. Examples of some fashion accessories that you can sell in Nigeria are; necklaces, wristwatches, bangles, rings, handbags, bracelets and the rest of them.

Before you go into the fashion accessories business in Nigeria, you should have a full understanding of the business.

Find a Gap

The basics of starting a fashion business is pretty straightforward. You need to start by assessing your customers’ needs and finding a product that fits them, then you can select a fashion accessory or group of fashion accessories that you want to venture into.


Choose A target group

Fashion accessories business thrives in areas where there are many grown-ups. If you are venturing into fashion accessories for women, you can sell more of the ladies fashion accessories. Your choice should also be influenced by the highest number of the age group


of people that you want to sell to.


Source For Capital

According to a known fashion accessory shop retailer, Araaoluwa, from N1,000,000 (one million naira) and above is ideal for a start although you can start from a lower level.


Choose A Supplier

There are many importers of fashion accessories that you can buy from. Some of them import quality Fashion accessories from China, Dubai and other parts of the World. Look out for those that are selling quality Fashion accessories and buy from them.


Basic Knowledge

Having a basic knowledge of this business will help you when making purchases. Such knowledge can be gotten from people who are already into the business.


Create Your Own Brand

If you have the skill of manufacturing any type of fashion accessory, you can start manufacturing it and sell in wholesale as well as retail. On the other hand, you can have your own unique brand name, make your specifications and give it to people who are manufacturing those things to manufacture for you.


Choose Whether You Will Sell Online, Offline Or Both

If your start-up capital is low, then renting a physical store may not be the best option because it will cost a reasonable amount of money. You can start by marketing your products on social media and other online E-commerce stores like Konga or Jumia.


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