Enoh Vows To Pursue Reinvigoration Of Nigeria’s Sports


In a resolute declaration, sports development minister, Senator John Owan Enoh, has reaffirmed his commitment to reinvigorate and reposition Nigerian sports towards achieving the Renewed Hope mandate of President Bola Ahmed for sports development.

Senator Enoh who made the vow while highlighting the significant strides made thus far during a chat with his media team, emphasized his Ministry’s determination to propel sports in Nigeria to new heights of excellence and glory.
He underscored the ministry’s dedication to building upon past successes to drive transformative change within the sports sector, saying despite facing challenges, the ministry remains steadfast in its mission to catalyze the advancement of sports across the nation.

“Sports in Nigeria is undergoing a significant transformation, and we are fully committed to leveraging this momentum to drive positive change and achieve unprecedented success,” Enoh stated.

Recall that following the exclusion of Nigerian match referees from the 2023 AFCON match officiating officials list, Senator Enoh declared a state of emergency on officiating and through collaborative efforts, a roadmap to rejuvenate officiating in Nigeria was established, leading to the inclusion of Nigerian referees in the pool for international competitions by the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) for the year 2024.
His proactive leadership was instrumental in ensuring a successful and controversy-free AFCON campaign for the Super Eagles in Cote d’Ivoire.

Nigeria’s dominance extended beyond football, with notable achievements in wrestling, boxing and weightlifting at the African Games in Ghana.

“Through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives, we are laying the foundation for a brighter future for Nigerian sports. Our goal is not only to excel on the international stage but also to nurture a culture of sports excellence at all levels,” Enoh added.

While assuring that the Sports Ministry under his watch, will continue to work hard to bring private investors into sports, expressed confidence in Team Nigeria’s readiness to excel at the forthcoming Paris 2024 Olympics.

“For Team Nigeria, the journey to Paris 2024 represents an opportunity to shine and make our nation proud. We are fully committed to supporting our athletes and ensuring that they have everything they need to excel on the world stage,” he said.

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