Edge with BetZillion and Conquer the Nigerian Betting Market

Edge with BetZillion and Conquer the Nigerian Betting Market

BetZillion will equip you with the strategies and tips you require to maximise your winnings and dominate Nigeria’s betting space. This way, you will outsmart the market and win big.

Unlocking Success: Navigating Nigeria’s Betting Landscape with BetZillion

2023 was a booming year for the betting industry in Nigeria as the sector recorded an average revenue of $2 billion daily. Some betting experts claim that the industry grew rapidly with the invention of online betting platforms. This growth in the industry over the years has brought numerous opportunities. 

While it’s not a walk-in-the-park task to predict the viability of these opportunities, we can certainly make good decisions based on historical events, trends, and new technologies. Read the full guide because we cover everything you need to learn about these highlights. 

Historical Context of Betting in Nigeria 

Sports betting had always been a source of income in Nigeria, except it was considered antisocial. It was discouraged in moral institutions like churches and schools, which warned against the quest for quick wealth. In the 1990s, the betting industry received a huge boost due to an act of parliament. 


Chapter 22, section 236 of the Criminal Code Act, legalised certain forms of gambling in the country to generate tax revenues. The law made gambling acceptable to the public and allowed for an increase in the number of traditional bookmakers in the country. 

In a study of the total Nigerian population, it was found that 36% of adult respondents gamble, and 53% of these people do it daily. Since this surge, several laws have been put in place to ensure activity regulation. Some of these laws include: 

The Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020

The Casino and Gaming Machines (Prohibition) Act of 1977
Criminal Code of Nigeria, Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act (FCCPA) 
Data Protection Act 2023 
Central Bank of Nigeria Act 2007
Finance Act 2023


Presently, Nigerians view gambling as a form of leisure activity, but many have not disputed the enormous opportunities the pastime offers. This new view of gambling brought about the surge of online bookies in the country. Enthusiasts now use this platform because Bet Zillion experts help Nigerians and other members across the globe to discover top betting options through bookie reviews, rankings,  insights, guides, and news. 

What Do Nigerians Bet on?

The obvious trend in the Nigerian betting landscape is that bettors gravitate towards soccer betting more than other forms. Here is the list of popular sports Nigerians bet on.


Football is dominant in online betting because several Nigerians favour the sport as entertainment. It is no surprise that soccer betting receives such attention given the country’s passion for the game and its international success. 


Football games in the English Premier League, La Liga, and UEFA Champions League are among the favourites for bettors in the country. The nationals also favour the domestic league, the Nigeria Football Professional League (NFPL), and other competitions like the World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations. 


In Nigeria, basketball is not as popular as football but it has its fair share of attention in the Nigerian betting industry. Most of this attention is on the NBA with its star players and matches. Basketball betting on local events doesn’t get much reception, but bettors bet especially on derbies and playoffs. 


Basketball players also attract punters to the sport, especially with the rise of local players making a name for themselves overseas. These players include Precious Achiuwa and the famous Nigerian descent Giannis Antetokounmpo. Precious Achiuwa has won the American Athletic Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year(AAC) and McDonald’s All-American competition.


Boxing as a sport already has a global audience, but it is also quite popular among Nigerian bettors. This is due to the several media spotlights surrounding major bouts, particularly those featuring champions or fighters of African descent. 


The matchups offer a fair share of excitement and draw large betting wagers in the country. Similar to basketball, this sport also has world-class athletes from Nigeria. They include Dick Tiger, Nigerian descent Anthony Joshua, and Samuel Peter, who help foster local interest in the sport. 


Events from these competitions are featured in almost all the online bookmakers that provide services to Nigerians. The sport is also famous thanks to international stars who receive numerous followings from media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Some of these stars include Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. 


The local betting scene in the country is not as developed, which is why Nigerian bettors prefer to follow international competitions. The major international tournaments that are featured among online bookmakers in Nigeria include:

US Open 
The French Open 
Australian Open


This sport attracts attention in Nigeria, given its historic achievements in track and field events. Nigerian athletes also attract their fair interest by participating in global events like the Olympics and the World Athletics Championship. Whether sprinting or long-distance races, Nigerians always follow these events keenly and wager on their favourite athlete.


Importance of Responsible Betting in Nigeria 

With the rise of problem gambling habits, especially in developing countries like Nigeria, there is a need for responsible betting. These gambling habits are a major issue in the country. A study shows that more than 67% of college students regularly participate in one form of betting. 


Although Nigeria already has regulation laws, adopting strict, responsible betting is the best way to solve this problem. Here are tips to help you become a responsible gambler. These betting tips include: 

Evaluating your habits
Practising safer play 
Striking a balance
Enforcing age limit on betting activities 
Setting restrictions, including budget limits and time management
Providing and seeking support when needed


Most of the factors mentioned above depend on the individual, and following them strictly will improve betting habits. Government agencies and bookmakers have their role to play by providing support and enforcing age limits on betting activities in the country. 

Top Sports Betting Platforms, BetZillion Expert Advice

It is difficult to keep count of the bookies in the country, but some bookies offer exceptional services there. Below are some of the best betting sites in Nigeria that offer some of the best services and support responsible gaming. 


NairaBET is a prominent player in the online betting industry, drawing the interest of avid Nigerian sports bettors. The site is known for its innovations, which include top security features, the latest payment and deposit methods, and bonuses. 


PariPesa is another leading online bookmaker in Nigeria that offers betting markets across more than 50 types of sports. This bookie service extends beyond Nigerian bettors, and other African bettors also wager with this bookmaker. Their services are top-notch and offer competitive odds, fast payouts, and juicy promotions.

Mega Pari

This bookmaker is Indian, but they accept Nigerian bettors. And thanks to its slew of features, such as an excellent market and competitive odds, they are quite popular in the country. We included them on our list because they have all the elements a modern bookmaker should have. For the legal side, they have an Anjouan licence. Anjouan gaming company is among the reputable licensing companies in India. 


Betwinner only started its operations a few years ago. Similar to Mega Pari, this bookmaker is based in India and offers exceptional live betting services. While the bookie is popular for ideas on cricket betting, they offer some of the best services in other sports like soccer and basketball.



The growth of the online betting landscape is projected to increase further in 2024 with new trends and more regulations. The only way to thrive is to remain adaptable to these events because the competition in the industry is fierce. You must learn about these trends and implement them into your online betting, to stay afloat. 

Implementing these trends can come, from ensuring responsible betting to using the best sites for placing wagers. From our experience, we’ve recommended some of them. You can learn more about these sites or other platforms by visiting the BetZillion page. You can use other resources like this to improve your betting experience.


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