Don’t Condemn Any Church, Prophet Samuel Tells Christian Faithful

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Abuja-based cleric, Prophet I.O. Samuel, has urged Nigerians to promote unity among churches, warning against condemning each other’s denominations and doctrines.

In a statement personally signed by the cleric, he emphasised the importance of unity for peace to reign in the nation.

Prophet Samuel, who has researched various denominations and nations, shared his personal experience of being born and raised in the Anglican Communion in Anambra state. He noted that he initially believed his denomination was superior to others but later discovered the dedication and humility of other denominations, including the Catholic Church and white-garment churches.

He highlighted that many prominent African religious leaders, including bishops, prophets, pastors, and apostles, were nurtured in traditional denominations such as Celestial Church, Sabbath, Cherubim and Seraphim, and others. He emphasised that these denominations have a rich history and should not be condemned.

Prophet Samuel expressed concern that some modern religious leaders have taken over pulpits with ‘secret altars’ and were causing division in thr body of Christ.

He praised the late Prophet TB Joshua, whom he described as his mentor, for his charitable works and global miracle crusades, which were rejected by some religious leaders.

He urged religious leaders to address the problem of divisions among Nigerian Christians fold, warning that if not addressed, another religion may surpass Christianity in relevance, governance, and population. He cited the examples of Turkey and the UK, where Christianity has declined, and cautioned that Nigeria may face a similar fate.

Prophet Samuel concluded by emphasising the importance of unity among churches, as Jesus Christ’s return is imminent, and He should not find Nigerian churches divided.


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