“Davido has like 200 people living with him that he takes care of” – Mayorkun reveals in interview

"Davido has like 200 people living with him that he takes care of" – Mayorkun reveals in interview

During an interview with WithChude, Mayorkun of Lagos the A-list Nigerian singer mentioned his first meeting with Davido and how stunned he was to see plenty of people staying with the latter.

Mayorkun said he had visited Davido to produce his then-hit song, ‘Eleko’ that year. The crowd he met on getting there were having the best time of their lives partying and having fun.

He also affirms that Davido takes care of them and they are always around him even when producing songs in the studio.

“When I met Davido and I went to his house, he has up to 200 people living in his house.
“That same day I went back to his house and I met a lot of people partying, and Davido asked me if I would still like to go to the club, but I told him no because I was eager to record my first song with him.”

Mayorkun lightheartedly mentioned getting overwhelmed by the crowd, stating that he could not record at first. He could even hear them calling on others to witness the song production that night.

This fragment of the interview warmed the hearts of Davido fans for their idol’s hospitality and generosity. Many also admire the online bromance between Mayorkun and Davido.


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